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A. J. Moorhead, R. W. McCulloch, R. N. Clark, B. Campbell, Andrew Richard Raymond Telford, Hsiang-Shou Cheng, David J. Diamond, J. V. Massey, A. Schneider, P. Silvennoinen, J. Vira, R. Westerberg, R. Förthmann, Thomas H. Pigford, J. Hadermann, Lawrence R. Scherpereel, Fred J. Frank, P. J. Fehrenbach, P. A. Morel, R. D. Sage, Masami Yajima, Naoaki Takashima, Sadaaki Sasaki, Satsuharu Takimoto, Bernhard Brand, Hans-Peter Gaul, Janardan Sarkar, Paul Robershotte, Peter Griffith, A. De Volpi, C. L. Fink, G. E. Marsh, E. A. Rhodes, G. S. Stanford

Nuclear Technology

Volume 56 / Number 1 / January 1982 / Pages 1-6


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