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Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Release of Corrosion Products from Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel in High Temperature Water

Kenkichi Ishigure, Norihiko Fujita, Takaaki Tamura, Keichi Oshima

Nuclear Technology

Volume 50 / Number 2 / September 1980 / Pages 169-177


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The effect of gamma irradiation on the release of the soluble and insoluble corrosion products was investigated with carbon steel and austenitic Type 304 stainless steel at high temperature using a small experimental loop. It was found that gamma radiation enhances the release rates of insoluble corrosion products (crud) but does not enhance the release rates of soluble species under the experimental conditions. On the basis of the result, it was considered that the crud forms in the bulk water through the oxidation of ferrous ion by oxygen or radiolysis products.

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