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Fueling Moving Ring Field-Reversed Mirror Reactor Plasmas

F. S. Felber

Nuclear Technology

Volume 50 / Number 2 / September 1980 / Pages 119-123


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Three methods of fueling a small moving ring field-reversed mirror are considered: injection of fuel pellets accelerated by laser ablation, injection of fuel pellets accelerated by deflagration-gun ablation, and direct injection of plasma by a deflagration gun. A CO2 laser with pulse energy of several hundred joules and power consumption of tens of kilowatts can probably generate the necessary pellet velocities of ∼107 cm/s. The plasma beam of a deflagration gun might accelerate fuel pellets efficiently if beam focusing can be improved by about an order of magnitude. Deflagration guns are probably not presently capable of fueling a small reactor directly, but may become more attractive than laser-driven pellets if both average beam ion density and focusing can be improved, or if plasma density is lower than expected.

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