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An Automated Gravimetric Titrator for the Determination of Uranium in Safeguards Materials

Bruce W. Moran

Nuclear Technology

Volume 46 / Number 1 / November 1979 / Pages 98-104


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An automated gravimetric titration system for uranium has been developed, evaluated, qualified for analysis in the laboratory’s Quality Assurance Program, and placed in daily operation for the analysis of uranium-bearing safeguards samples at the New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL). The system, a direct application of the “NBL Modified Titrimetric Method,” is capable of nearly doubling the output of an analyst, while maintaining a mean percent error and relative standard deviation of <0.10% over the range of 15 to 150 mg of uranium. The system is capable of analyzing all sample materials analyzed by manual titration at NBL with comparable degrees of accuracy and precision.

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