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A Hydraulic Model Study of Intake Structure

Jin Won Kim, Dae Soo Lee, Jong Hyun Kim

Nuclear Technology

Volume 134 / Number 1 / April 2001 / Pages 15-22


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In the intake structure of a nuclear power plant, undesirable pump operating characteristics such as vortices and nonuniform pump-approach flow around the pump bells take place frequently due to poorly arranged intake geometry. Therefore, prior to the construction or renovation of intake structure or internal auxiliary facilities, a hydraulic modeling test should be performed to predict the undesirable hydraulic phenomena. In this study, a three-dimensional turbulence model was applied for a numerical modeling test, and a 1:10 scale, geometrically undistorted physical model was employed to investigate the hydraulic behavior and simulate pump operating conditions in the intake structure of Kori Nuclear Units 3 and 4 in Korea. The results from these numerical and physical model tests were compared, and an antivortex device was also proposed to ensure a stable suction condition of the pumps.

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