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The Design of the Ballistic Furnace and Initial Microshells Formation Experiments

Andrei I. Nikitenko, Sergey M. Tolokonnikov, Robert Cook

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 31 / Number 4 / July 1997 / Pages 385-390


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The design and operation of a new “Ballistic Furnace” facility at the Lebedev Physical Institute for producing large plastic shells from solid polystyrene granules is presented, along with the results of the first experimental trials. Good quality shells with diameters up to 1.7 mm have been produced, though surface debris is a serious problem. AFM surface characterization of these shells is presented. The formation of several shells from a single initial granule has been experimentally observed. Based on our initial experimental results, the problems, possible routes to their solution, and other upgrade possibilities for the Ballistic Furnace that will result in improved shell quality will be discussed.

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