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Reproducible, Anomalous Emissions from Palladium Deuteride/Hydride

R. K. Rout, A. Shyam, M. Srinivasan, A. B. Garg, V. K. Shrikhande

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 30 / Number 2 / November 1996 / Pages 273-280


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Each and every palladium sample loaded/reloaded either with hydrogen or deuterium was observed to fog radiographic films kept in its close proximity in air. Strangely, even with ten layers of black paper (thickness ≃63 mg/cm2) as a filter between film and sample, fogging was observed. On the other hand, no fogging could be observed even when thin beryllium foil (≃1.4 mg/cm2), three layers of transparent polyester foils (≃10 mg/cm2), or thin aluminizedpolycarbonate (0.3 mg/cm2) were employed as filters. Several experiments have been performed to identify the phenomenon responsible for fogging. These experiments appear to rule out any of the known mechanisms, suggesting a new, strange, and unknown phenomena.

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