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Fission Gas Release from UO2+x in Defective Fuel Rods

Yeon Soo Kim

Nuclear Technology

Volume 130 / Number 1 / April 2000 / Pages 9-17


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The literature dealing with fission gas release from UO2+x is reviewed. A simplified semiempirical model predicting fission gas release from UO2+x fuel to the fuel rod plenum as a function of stoichiometry excess x is developed to apply to the fuel of a defective light water reactor fuel rod in operation. An effective diffusion coefficient including a parabolic dependence of x is obtained based on existing data in the literature. The new diffusion coefficient is a composite expression of intrinsic, fission-enhanced, and nonstoichiometry-induced diffusion. The effective diffusion coefficient is incorporated into the Booth model to assess the time-dependent fractional fission gas release. The new model predictions are compared with existing data.

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