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Calculation of the Impact of n = 1 Error Fields on the Divertor Heat Loading of the Tokamak Physics Experiment

R. J. La Haye

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 29 / Number 1 / January 1996 / Pages 126-133


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Nonaxisymmetric error fields arising from departures of the coil systems from axisymmetry can pose serious problems for the tokamak divertor. The X points of the divertor are particularly sensitive to being shifted by n ≠ 0 error fields; toroidal “bundle diverting” or bunching of heat flux coming from the core of the tokamak can produce hot spots on carefully designed divertor structures. Toroidal variation of the angle of incidence on the divertor by the n ≠ 0 error field can also locally peak the heat flux. Multiple field line tracing of a typical diverted Tokamak Physics Experiment (TPX) configuration with nonconcentric poloidal field (PF) coils is used to predict that if the toroidal variation of the peak divertor heat flux is to be kept to within ±25%, the principal PF coils responsible for the diverting must be aligned to ±2 mm of concentricity with the toroidal field.

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