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Engineering Aspects of the Tokamak ISTTOK

C. A. F. Varandas, J. A. C. Cabral, J. T. Mendonça, M. P. Alonso, P. Amorim, B. B. Carvalho, C. Correia, L. Cupido, M. L. Carvalho, J. M. Dias, H. Fernandes, C. J. Freitas, S. Magalhāes, A. Malaquias, M. E. Manso, A. Praxedes, J. Santana, F. Serra, A. Silva, A. Soares, J. Sousa, W. van Toledo, P. Vaessen, P. Varela, S. Vergamota, B. de Groot†

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 29 / Number 1 / January 1996 / Pages 105-115


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The first Portuguese magnetic confinement experiment, the tokamak ISTTOK, has been in operation since 1993. This tokamak device is described and the main technological features, as well as the novel techniques of its diagnostics and control and data acquisition system, are reported. A synopsis of the experimental activity is also presented.

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