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A New Concept of ISS for Fusion Reactor

Boris M. Andreev, Yuriy A. Sakharovsky, Michael B. Rozenkevich, Eldar P. Magomedbekov, Yuriy S. Park, Vadim V. Uborskiy

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 28 / Number 3P1 / October 1995 / Pages 511-514


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The paper presents a novel universal concept of recovering tritium from water. The concept is based on a flexible link between the first stage of purification and getting tritium concentrate by catalytic isotopic exchange between water and hydrogen and the second stage, destined for recovering tritium with the concentration of 98 at.% by means of continuous isotopic exchange between hydrogen and palladium hydride. We present thermodynamic and mass exchange parameters of these processes, obtained while running pilot setups. We demonstrate that the proposed universal purification module is more efficient for separating tritium-containing mixtures of hydrogen isotopes, than the one described in literature.

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