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Zeolite Cryopumps for Hydrogen Isotopes Transportation

Ivan A. Alekseev, Sergey P. Karpov, Veniamin D. Trenin

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 28 / Number 3P1 / October 1995 / Pages 499-504


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Cryosorption pump is very convenient means for hydrogen isotope transportation, since a cryopump combines a vacuum pump, compressor and temporary storage reservoir of hydrogen isotopes. We have studied zeolites as the cryosorbent for hydrogen isotope fore-vacuum pumping. The prototype of the cryosorption pump was designed, made and tested. It is shown that synthetic chabazite CaET-4B has the highest adsorption capacity in relation to hydrogen isotopes in the low pressure region. The equation of the adsorption isotherms was obtained. The results of the testing and operation of the cryopump for hydrogen isotopes transport are described. The pump is simple, reliable and allows to reduce the losses of deuterium and exclude tritium release to atmosphere and the formation of tritium wastes.

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