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Power Balance in a Reversed-Field-Pinch Plasma with Partial Poloidal Current Drive by Neutral Beams

Ken-ichi Hattori, Yoichi Hirano, Yasuyuki Yagi, Toshio Shimada, Kiyoshi Hayase

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 28 / Number 4 / November 1995 / Pages 1619-1633


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Zero-dimensional power balance is analyzed, and an operation boundary is deduced in a “beam-assisted reversed-field pinch”; the latter utilizes partial poloidal current drive by neutral beams so that transport losses arising from magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)-dynamo, i.e., tearing mode instability are reduced. Changes of power flow and heat conductivity due to a beam driven current are treated by considering an MHD-dynamo-based power balance model that assumes linear dependence of magnetic fluctuation level on the externally driven current. It is shown that a ratio of a beam driven current to a dynamo current must not exceed ∼40% regarding a beta-limit in the next generation of plasma experiments (minor radius/major radius = 0.6m/1.8 m, plasma current = 1 MA, poloidal beta = 0.1). At that point, the energy confinement time is predicted to increase by a multiple or so of that estimated from the MHD dynamo model without a current drive.

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