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Analyses of Startup Test, Reload Limiting Transient, and Plant Event for the Kuosheng BWR-6 Related to MSIV Closure

Jan-Ru Tang, Shao-Shei Ma, Jan-Der Wang, Show-Chyuan Chiang, Lin-Yao Chou, Ching-Chuan Yao, Ying-Tsen Liao

Nuclear Technology

Volume 128 / Number 2 / November 1999 / Pages 186-204


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Three analyses are presented for the Kuosheng plant, the second nuclear power station of the Taiwan Power Company. The first is a startup test benchmark analysis of full closure of the main steam isolation valves (MSIVs). This analysis is one of a series of startup test analyses to develop the Kuosheng RETRAN model. The second is a parallel reload safety analysis of a system pressure-limiting transient for Kuosheng Unit 2, Cycle 12, which is a part of work to develop an in-house reload safety analysis methodology. The third is an operating support analysis of a reactor trip event due to a single MSIV closure in October 1997; this analysis demonstrates the application of the Kuosheng RETRAN model. The work may add to the RETRAN experience base and to the plant modeling body of knowledge. A similar approach can be adopted to support the plant, with concerns.

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