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Sensitivity Studies on Ignition in Ignitor

Augusta Airoldi, Giovanna Cenacchi

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 19 / Number 1 / January 1991 / Pages 78-85


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The influence of a few parameters on the possibility of reaching ignition in the Ignitor device is analyzed using a 1½-dimensional equilibrium transport code. The models adopted for electron and ion thermal diffusivities scale with the net power input to the plasma components. No auxiliary heating is considered besides that due to alpha particles. In the operative scenario examined, the plasma current (Ip = 10 MA) and the toroidal field (BT = 11.1 T) are maintained for 4 s. The importance of density profile shaping is pointed out together with the influence of current density peaking. Sensitivity to specified assumptions is also analyzed and the limit values, still guaranteeing ignition, for different parameters are determined.

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