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An Advanced Fuel Laser Fusion and Volume Compression of p-11 B Laser-Driven Targets

George H. Miley, Heinrich Hora, Lorenzo Cicchitelli, Gregorios V. Kasotakis, Robert J. Stening

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 19 / Number 1 / January 1991 / Pages 43-51


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Progress in inertial confinement fusion development justifies an optimistic view of future concepts. The use of advanced fuels represents a key goal in obtaining future power plants. Prior work on such targets using a deuterium-tritium spark ignition is reviewed and evaluated via the conceptual reactor design LOTRIT. Preliminary calculations presented here also indicate that it may ultimately be possible to achieve a p-11B burn using a volume ignition. However, the parameters required, e.g., 105 times solid density, are beyond the reach of present technology.

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