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Sources of Variable Energy Monoenergetic Neutrons for Fusion-Related Applications

M. Drosg

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 106 / Number 3 / November 1990 / Pages 279-295


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Practical aspects of accelerator-based monoenergetic neutron sources are reviewed. In particular, the reactions 3H(p,n)3He, 1Li(p,n)7Be, 11B(p,n)11C, 2H(d,n)3He, 2H(t,n)4He, 3H(d,n)4He, 1H(t,n)3He, 1H(7Li,n)7Be, 1H(11B,n)11C, 1H(l3C,n)I3N, and 1H(15N,n)15O are considered. The outstanding properties of the newly developed sources of kinematically collimated neutrons are stressed. Intense monoenergetic sources are discussed, and it is shown that by using 1H(t,n)3He, it should be possible to build a source of 14-MeV neutrons with an effective source strength of 1015 n/s that would also be useful in neutron radiotherapy.

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