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Radiation-Damage Calculations: Primary Knock-On Atom Spectra, Displacement Rates, and Gas Production Rates

T. A. Gabriel, J. D. Amburgey, N. M. Greene

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 61 / Number 1 / September 1976 / Pages 21-32


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A data base of primary knock-on atom spectra and an analysis program have been created to assist experimentalists in studying, evaluating, and correlating radiation-damage effects in different neutron environments. Since experimentally obtained typical controlled thermonuclear reactor (CTR) neutron spectra are not presently available, the data base can be extremely useful in relating currently obtainable radiation damage to that anticipated in future fusion devices. However, the usefulness of the data base is not restricted to only CTR needs. Most of the elements of interest to the radiation-damage community and all neutron reactions of any significance for these elements have been processed, using available ENDF/B-IV cross-section data, and are included in the data base. Calculated data such as primary knock-on atom spectra, displacement rates, and gas production rates, obtained with the data base, for different radiation environments are presented and compared with previous calculations.

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