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A Comparison of Calculated and Measured Yields of Neutron-Energy-Dependent Capture Gamma Rays From Uranium-238

R. S. Booth, J. E. White, S. K. Penny, K. J. Yost

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 47 / Number 1 / January 1972 / Pages 8-18


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The gamma-ray energy spectra resulting from neutron capture in 238 were calculated using the gamma-ray cascade code DUCAL for incident neutrons in the energy range 0.0 ≤ E ≤ 1.1 MeV. The overall spectral shapes generated for thermal and epithermal neutron capture agree quite favorably with an integral measurement. Absolute comparisons of the generated spectra with differential capture yield measurements exhibit general agreement. Variations in the spectral shape with neutron energy are noticeable above 3.0 MeV.

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