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Update for the Drag Force on an Injected Pellet and Target Fabrication for Inertial Fusion

Takayoshi Norimatsu, Keiji Nagai, Tetsuji Takeda, Kunioki Mima, Tatsuhiko Yamanaka

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 43 / Number 3 / May 2003 / Pages 339-345


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To create a conceptual design of a tracking system of a target injected into a wet-walled, laser-fusion reactor, the influence of residual gas on the target trajectory is discussed based on a kinetic model, assuming all of the impinging molecules are adsorbed on the target surface. The model targets are a high-gain target for central ignition and a fast-ignition target with a cone as an optical guide for an additional heating laser. In the case of a fast-ignition target, tracking in the reactor might be skipped, depending on its condition, because of the heavy cone. Recent activities in fabrication of the fast-ignition target are briefly mentioned.

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