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Neutron Capture and Transmission Measurements on Fission Product Palladium-107

U. N. Singh, R. C. Block, Y. Nakagome

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 67 / Number 1 / July 1978 / Pages 54-60


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Neutron capture and transmission measurements were made on a sample of fission product palladium. The level parameters were obtained for 34 107Pd resonances below 700 eV. The observed average level spacing was 〈D〉 = (10.7 ± 1.5) eV, and the s-wave neutron strength function was determined to be 104 S0 = . The capture width Γγ for the 6.834-eV 107Pd resonance was deduced to be (125 ± 15) meV. Assuming that all 107Pd resonances have the same radiation width as the 6.834-eV resonance, the resonance capture integral for all 34 resonances is 87 b.

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