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Neutron Capture Cross Sections from 0.1 to 3 MeV by Activation Measurements

M. Lindner, R. J. Nagle, and J. H. Landrum

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 59 / Number 4 / April 1976 / Pages 381-394


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Neutron capture cross sections for, 238U, 237Np, 232Th, 197Au, 193Ir, 191Ir, 187Re, 185Re, 186W, 181Ta, and 114Cd relative to the 235U fission cross sections have been determined for neutron energies from 120 keV to 2.9 MeV by the measurement of the activation products. Neutrons were produced by the 3H(H,n)3He reaction on tritium gas targets on the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory vertical Van de Graaff accelerator. Metal foils were exposed at selected angles and distances from the neutron source to achieve a selection of neutron energies. Neutron fluxes were measured with 235U fission detectors placed at various angles for different proton energies. Scattering corrections were applied to the experimental results through the use of Monte Carlo computer simulation techniques. Corrections were also calculated for the purely geometrical effects on energy resolution due to finite source and sample width and thickness.

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