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Neutron Capture Cross Section of Niobium-93 from 2.6 to 700 keV

R. L. Macklin

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 59 / Number 1 / January 1976 / Pages 12-20


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The neutron capture cross section of stable 93Nb was measured by time-of-flight methodology at the Oak Ridge Linear Electron Accelerator. Individual resonances were parameterized to 7.4 keV with energy resolution ≤0.14% full-width-at-half-maximum. The average cross section was deduced from 3 to 700 keV with an accuracy estimated at 3 to 5% SD. The average data to 100 keV are well fitted by strength functions, but the fluctuations about the fit are not consistent with an energy-independent level density proportional to 2J + 1 beyond 20 keV.

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