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The Application of Statistical Methods of Analysis for Predicting Burnout Heat Flux

R. T. Jacobs, J. A. Merrill

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 8 / Number 6 / December 1960 / Pages 480-496


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The comparative correlations of this report thoroughly demonstrate that significantly more precise equations for calculating burnout heat flux can be obtained by following the proposed “system-describing” concept, that if the independent, system-describing variables of a system are known, the burnout heat flux can be predicted. With this concept, the independent variable of inlet temperature has been used rather than the dependent variable of outlet subcooling or enthalpy. The same statistical (regression analysis) method of correlation was used for burnout data from several sources with both inlet temperature and outlet enthalpy so that the consistently better predictions using inlet temperature would not be attributed to using a different method of correlation. Due to the fact that Reactor technology and design no longer allow the engineer safety factor added upon safety factor, a decided advantage of the regression analysis correlation is that it is possible to calculate the statistical uncertainty of the predicted burnout heat flux.

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