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Evaluation of the Performance of Liquid Metal and Molten Salt Heat Exchangers

M. M. Yarosh

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 8 / Number 1 / July 1960 / Pages 32-43


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Heat transfer and pressure drop test data were obtained on liquid metal-to-molten salt heat exchangers and on liquid metal-to-air radiators. The data were correlated to permit predictions of the heat transfer and pressure drop performance of heat exchange equipment to be used on the Aircraft Reactor Test scheduled at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The test results agreed well with analytical predictions using the Dittus-Boelter and Kaufman-Lubarsky equations except that in the transition region from laminar to turbulent flow marked differences were found in the heat transfer coefficients for flow through round tubes and axial flow between tubes. These differences appeared to stem in part from the irregular geometry of the flow passage between tubes, and in part, from the tube spacers employed.

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