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Calculated Activities and Abundances of U235 Fission Products

R. C. Bolles, N. E. Ballou

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 5 / Number 3 / March 1959 / Pages 156-185


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Computed disintegration rates and numbers of atoms (abundances) of each fission product radionuclide at various times after simultaneous slow neutron fission of 10,000 atoms of U235 are presented. These results are based on fission yields from two different theories of independent fission yields. The computations treat both known and unknown fission product radionuclides. Half-lives and yields of the latter were estimated. The disintegration rate, number of active and inactive atoms, total number of atoms, and the percentage contribution to total activity and to the total number of atoms are presented for each element and for each chemical group of elements. The disintegration rate of the total fission product mixture according to each independent yield theory is also presented.

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