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Hydrogen Isotope Sorption Properties of LaNi3Mn2 Alloy as a Candidate for the Tritium Storage Material

T. Ide, F. Sakai, M. Yorozu, K. Hirata, J. Mitsui, H. Yoshida, Y. Naruse

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 14 / Number 2P2A / September 1988 / Page 769


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The pressure-composition isotherms for the LaNi3Mn2 -H and D systems were obtained in the temperature range 25–300 C. The absorption plateau pressure increases from 4 Pa at 25 C to 200 kPa at 300 C. Further tests on practical characteristics such as extensive absorption-desorption cycles, the reactivity of the alloy in air, and so on were carried out. The results show that the LaNi3Mn2 alloy may be useful as a candidate for recovery and supply of tritium.

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