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Separation and Recovery of Tritium by Hydrogen-Water Isotopic Exchange Reaction

S. Isomura, K. Suzuki, M. Shibuya

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 14 / Number 2P2A / September 1988 / Pages 518-523


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In order to recover tritium from light water, research and development was carried out concerning a tritium separation process based on the principle of hydrogen-water isotopic exchange reaction. The performance and durability of unit operations for the process were studied. A pilot plant having a capacity of 1 m3/year (3.6 L/day) was designed and fabricated based on the results of the tests and studies. Using this plant, tritiated water could be concentrated to the order of a magnitude of 104. Furthermore, the effect of the various operating conditions on the tritium concentration factor was calculated by applying a data analysis program for the pilot plant. This study offered the prospect of a practical application of the process by the hydrogen vapor isotopic exchange reaction to recovery of tritium from light water.

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