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Next European Torus In-Vessel Components

Max Chazalon, Jean-Louis Boutard, Michael Ian Budd, Antonino Cardella, Wolfgang Dänner, Paul Dinner, Dain Evans, Markus Iseli, Bernard Libin, Frans Moons, Jos Nihoul, Marc A. Vassiliadis, Gottfried Vieider, Chung Hsiung Wu, Ezio Zolti

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 14 / Number 1 / July 1988 / Pages 82-144


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The Next European Torus (NET) in-vessel components consisting of first wall, divertor, and blanket/shield are subject to severe nuclear and thermal radiation. Their reliability and maintainability are crucial to the success of the NET mission. The requirements, options, preliminary design solution, and materials considerations for these components are described.

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