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Reevaluation and Validation of the 241Pu Resonance Parameters in the Energy Range Thermal to 20 eV

H. Derrien, L. C. Leal, A. Courcelle, A. Santamarina

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 150 / Number 1 / May 2005 / Pages 109-114


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A new SAMMY analysis of the 241Pu resonance parameters from thermal to 20 eV is presented. This evaluation takes into account the trends given by integral experiments [post-irradiation experiments performed in French pressurized water reactors (PWRs)]. Compared to the previous evaluations performed by Derrien and de Saussure, the capture cross section increases especially in the 0.26-eV resonance. It is shown that the new resonance parameters proposed in this work improve the prediction of the 242Pu buildup in a PWR, which was significantly underestimated with the previous evaluations.

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