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Options for Commercial Tokamaks

Ali E. Dabiri, Donald C. Keeton, Scott L. Thomson

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 10 / Number 1 / July 1986 / Pages 49-57


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Systems studies have been performed at the Fusion Engineering Design Center (FEDC) to assess commercial tokamak options. One study investigates the economics of high-beta operation and determines an optimum operating range of 10 to 20% beta, with a corresponding neutron wall loading of 6 to 8 MW/m2. A second study determines conditions under which small, low-power tokamaks can be economically com- bined into a 1200-MW(electric) multiplex power plant. The results of these studies have directed future efforts at the FEDC toward a high-beta, tokamak design using a modular maintenance configuration.

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