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Tritium Control in a Helium-Cooled Ceramic Blanket for a Fusion Reactor

Mario Dalle Donne, Stefan Dorner

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 9 / Number 3 / May 1986 / Pages 484-491


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The Karlsruhe Nuclear Center is studying the conceptual design of a helium-cooled poloidal ceramic blanket with beryllium multiplier for the Next European Torus. To maintain the tritium losses from the plant below 10 Ci/day, a separate helium purge flow is required. In the case of a high-pressure purge flow, tritium containment requires an oxidizing atmosphere in the purge flow region. The consequences of the resulting T2O partial pressure on Li2O are assessed. A purge flow at 1 bar does not require an oxidizing atmosphere.

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