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Engineering Aspects of The HT-6M Tokamak

HT-6M Team

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 9 / Number 3 / May 1986 / Pages 476-480


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The HT-6M is a medium-sized tokamak being built in China. The principal aim of the project is to study high-power auxiliary heating (1-MW neutral beam injection, 1-MW ion cyclotron resonance heating, and 100-kW electron cyclotron resonance heating), high-β experiments, the transport process, and the formation and diffusion process of impurities. The main device parameters are: major plasma radius R = 65 cm, minor plasma radius a = 20 cm, plasma current Ip = 150 kA, discharge time τ = 750 ms, toroidal field Bt = 15 kG. Simplicity of construction, accessibility to the plasma, reliability in operation, and convenience f or maintenance were particularly emphasized in the design. The important design features of the device and power supply system are described.

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