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Solid Tritium Breeder Materials-Li2O and LiAlO2: A Data Base Review

Yung Y. Liu, Michael C. Billone, A. K. Fischer, S. W. Tam, Robert G. Clemmer, Glenn W. Hollenberg

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 8 / Number 2P1 / September 1985 / Pages 1970-1984


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The fabrication, properties, and irradiation behavior of Li2O and γ-LiAlO2 are reviewed and assessed to determine the potential of these materials to satisfy the basic solid breeder blanket performance requirements. Based on the data analysis and theoretical modeling, a set of major technical uncertainties is identified. These uncertainties include

  1. fabricability of sphere-pac solid breeders
  2. highfluence and burnup effects on thermal conductivity and microstructural stability
  3. highfluence and burnup effects on tritium diffusion coefficients at low temperature
  4. relationship among purge flow chemistry, surface adsorption, and species of released tritium
  5. mechanical properties and the loads imposed on the structural materials by the breeder during blanket operation.

Resolution of these issues is important in assuring that solid breeder blankets can be designed with confidence.

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