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Analysis of Doublet Proton Spectra from Laser Implosion Experiments

D. R. Welch, D. B. Harris, George H. Miley

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 7 / Number 3 / May 1985 / Pages 334-344


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Double-peaked energy spectra of deuterium-deuterium protons have been observed from laser implosion experiments at the University of Rochester. These spectra have been used to study implosion dynamics. The energy and broadening of the two peaks relate to distinct burn phases, shock coalescence, and compression. Data are obtained by unfolding the spectra. Using a model for changing target ρR conditions, the proton energy loss and the broadening of each peak determine the fuel compression and temperature for each burn phase. An ion temperature for the shock phase is determined from thermal broadening. The compression peak's energy broadening and separation from the shock peak is fit to an adiabatic temperature model. Preliminary data suggest that temperatures during both burns are 20% below that predicted by an extensive simulation code. Compressions are also lower than predicted.

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