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Differential Neutron Production Cross Sections for 256-MeV Protons

M. M. Meier, W. B. Amian, C. A. Goulding, G. L. Morgan, C. E. Moss

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 110 / Number 3 / March 1992 / Pages 289-298


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Differential (p,xn) cross sections, d2σ/dΩ dEn, from thin targets of beryllium, carbon, oxygen, aluminum, iron, lead, and 238U for 256-MeV protons are measured. Time-of-flight techniques are used to identify and discriminate against backgrounds and to determine the neutron energy spectrum. Comparison of the experimental data with intranuclear-cascade evaporation-model calculations using the HETC code showed discrepancies of as much as a factor of 7, notably at 7.5 and 150 deg.

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