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Gamma-Ray and Neutron Dose-Equivalent Buildup Factors for Infinite Slabs

W. L. Dunn, A. M. Yacout, F. O′Foghludha

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 110 / Number 2 / February 1992 / Pages 134-156


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Gamma-ray and neutron dose-equivalent buildup factors are calculated for six common shielding materials in a point-source, infinite-slab, point-detector geometry using a decomposition of the solution to the transport problem into single- and multiple-scatter components. A rigorous solution for the single-scatter component is constructed and a Monte Carlo model for the multiple-scatter component is employed. Simplified models are fit to the calculated buildup factors as functions of slab thickness and source-detector separation, and model constants are evaluated for each of several source energies. Single-scatter and total slab buildup factors are presented, both in tabular form and in graphs that also show the fitted models, for six materials. The models are demonstrated for a sample problem.

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