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Study of Actinide Photonuclear Reactions Induced by Gamma Radiation from Neutron Capture

L. P. Geraldo, M. T. F. Cesar, M. A. P. V. Moraes

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 110 / Number 2 / February 1992 / Pages 128-133


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The photodisintegration of 232Th, 233U, 238U, 237Np, and 239Pu has been studied with monochromatic photons produced by neutron capture using the IEA-R1 reactor. The ratios σγf(X)/σγf(238U) (relative fissionability), σγfα (photofission branching ratio), and Γnf (neutron emission and fission competition) are shown to be independent of excitation energy, within the experimental errors, in the 6.73- to 9.72-MeV energy interval. Some correlations of these ratios with Z2/A and (E′f — B′n) are performed, and the results are in reasonable agreement with the theoretical model predictions.

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