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Fast Reactor Neutrons for the Treatment of Superficial Carcinomas

F. M. Wagner, L. Koester, Th. Auberger, W. Reuschel, M. Mayr, P. Kneschaurek, A. Breit, H. Schraube

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 110 / Number 1 / January 1992 / Pages 32-37


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The fast neutron facility at the Munich Research Reactor [Forschungsreaktor München (FRM)] is briefly described, and data about the beam quality are given. After a listing of the biological experiments performed before and in parallel to the clinical irradiations, the treatment scheme, selection of cases and results of the reactor neutron therapy are reported. More than 80% of patients— all with poor prognosis — show complete remission of the tumor or stoppage of growth for at least several months. Possibilities for a support by boron neutron capture therapy are outlined. Preliminary data of an upgraded thermal-to-fast neutron converter for the planned 20-MW reactor FRM-II are given.

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