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An Algorithm for the Energy Deposition by Fast Electrons

Tatsuo Tabata, Rinsuke Ito

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 53 / Number 2 / February 1974 / Pages 226-239


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An algorithm to calculate the energy deposition distribution produced by monoenergetic fast electrons normally incident on the semi-infinite absorber is given. While the algorithm is based on an elementary relation that is also a basis of similar work by Kobetich and Katz, higher accuracy has been attained and the region of validity has been extended by using better approximations and new expressions for its evaluation. Empirical equations recently developed for the extrapolated range and the backscattering of electrons have been utilized, and the effect of bremsstrahlung production has been taken into account by the use of a modified Koch-Motz equation. Expressions for three adjustable parameters introduced into the algorithm have been determined by least-squares fit to published experimental and Monte Carlo results of the energy deposition distribution. The algorithm obtained is valid for incident energies from ∼0.1 to 20 MeV and for atomic numbers of the absorber from ∼5.3 (the effective atomic number for a light compound) to 82.

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