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Measurement and Calculation of Integral Heavy-Element Cross-Section Ratios in the Fast Breeder Reactor EBR-II

N. D. Dudey, D. Meneghetti, R. R. Heinrich, R. H. Rempert

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 53 / Number 1 / January 1974 / Pages 9-26


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Measurements of integral neutron capture-to-fission cross-section ratios and neutron capture rates of 233U, 235U, 238U, 239 Pu, 240 Pu, and 242Pu at 15 radial and axial positions in EBR-n are reported. Fission rates were determined by measurement of the fission product 137Cs and capture rates were determined by mass-spectrometric and alpha-spectrometric analysis. Capture-to-fission ratios at all sample locations and central fission and capture ratios were calculated by two-dimensional RZ and XY geometries using multigroup analyses. Details of geometry and reactor composition changes during the course of the irradiations are considered and found to be significant for the fertile isotopes. A detailed comparison between measurement and calculation is presented and discussed in terms of the calculational model, cross-section data, and experimental uncertainties. Calculations were made using both Versions I and HI of ENDF/B.

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