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Shielding of Manned Space Vehicles Against Galactic Cosmic-Ray Protons and Alpha Particles

R. T. Santoro, R. G. Alsmiller, Jr., K. C. Chandler

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 52 / Number 1 / September 1973 / Pages 124-129


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Calculated results are presented of the absorbed—dose rates and dose-equivalent rates as a function of depth in tissue when galactic cosmic-ray proton and alpha-particle spectra are isotropically incident on a spherical shell shield with a tissue sphere at its center. Aluminum shield thicknesses of 5 and 20 g cm-2 are considered. It is found that the dose rates from incident alpha particles are comparable to those from incident protons, and that for both protons and alpha particles there is a very appreciable contribution to the dose rates from nuclear-reaction products.

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