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Radiation Safety Criteria for Maintenance and Waste Management in the Mirror Advanced Reactor Study

R. Carroll Maninger, David W. Dorn

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 6 / Number 3 / November 1984 / Pages 616-624


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The Mirror Advanced Reactor Study (MARS) was a 2-yr study of designs for a commercial tandem mirror fusion reactor. Two of the goals of the MARS program were to exploit the full potential of fusion for occupational and environmental safety during operation and maintenance and to realize safe long-term disposal of radioactive wastes. Two numerical ratings devised to characterize materials with respect to impacts of induced radioactivity on these two goals are described. The ratings devised for these purposes are the remote maintenance rating and the waste disposal rating. The MARS reactor designers had these ratings available and used them as guidelines in making configuration and materials choices. Significant differences in meeting these goals were identified, depending on the materials chosen. The final MARS design fully utilized the technology available today and, in large measure, achieved the stated goals of the program.

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