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Commercial Tokamak Reactors with Resistive Toroidal Field Magnets

L. Bromberg, D. R. Cohn, D. L. Jassby

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 6 / Number 3 / November 1984 / Pages 597-604


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Scaling relations and design concepts are developed for commercial tokamak reactors that use water-cooled copper toroidal field (TF) magnets. Illustrative parameters are developed for reactors that are scaled up in size from LITE test reactor designs, which use quasi-continuous copper plate magnets. Acceptably low magnet power requirements may be attainable in a moderate beta (β = 0.065) commercial reactor with a major radius of 6.2 m. The shielding thickness and magnet size are substantially reduced relative to values in commercial reactors with superconducting magnets. Operation at high beta (β = 0.14) leads to a reduction in reactor size, magnet-stored energy, and recirculating power. Reactors using resistive TF magnets could provide advantages of physically smaller devices, improved maintenance features, and increased rugged-ness and reliability.

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