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Performance Estimates of Photoneutralized Negative-Ion Beams

Joel H. Fink

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 6 / Number 3 / November 1984 / Pages 548-553


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Recent studies have provided data that make it possible to estimate the efficiency and cost of future beamlines using a chemical oxygen-iodine laser as a neutralizes These studies indicate that a 400-keV neutral deuterium beam of more than 20 A will operate at an efficiency >60%, with the capital cost of the neutralizer at less than $2/W of neutral beam output. Beamlines of lower current and less energy will operate at poorer efficiencies and higher neutralizer costs per watt of neutral beam. These are estimates. As they are very sensitive to changes in the assumptions from which they were derived, they must be used with some caution. Additional studies are expected to provide more reliable estimates.

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