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Tokamak Fusion Reactors with Less Than Full Tritium Breeding

Kenneth Evans, Jr., John G. Gilligan, Jungchung Jung

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 5 / Number 3 / May 1984 / Pages 311-325


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A study of commercial tokamak fusion reactors with tritium concentrations and tritium breeding ratios ranging from full deuterium-tritium operation to operation with no tritium breeding is presented. The design basis for these reactors is similar to those of STARFIRE and WILDCAT. Optimum operating temperatures, sizes, toroidal field strengths, and blanket/shield configurations are determined for a sequence of reactor designs spanning the range of tritium breeding, each having the same value of beta, thermal power, and first-wall heat load. Additional reactor parameters, tritium inventories and throughputs, and detailed costs are calculated for each reactor design. The disadvantages, advantages, implications, and ramifications of tritium-depleted operation are presented and discussed.

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