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W. M. Stacey, Jr, C. C. Baker, R. W. Conn, R. A. Krakowski, D. Steiner, K. I. Thomassen, Robert W. Conn, Everett E. Bloom, J. W. Davis, Robert E. Gold, R. Little, Kenneth R. Schultz, Dale L. Smith, F. W. Wiffen, Kenneth Evans, Jr., John G. Gilligan, Jungchung Jung, Masami Ohnishi, Akira Saiki, Masao Okamoto, Matthew C. Carroll, John G. Gilligan, Albert E. Sherwood, P. Clark Souers, R. Lowell Reid, Y-K. M. Peng, Sümer Şahin, Anil Kumar, S. J. Piet, M. S. Kazimi, L. M. Lidsky

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 5 / Number 3 / May 1984 / Pages 259-263


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