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Nonradiological Occupational Hazards at a Fusion Power Station: Part I. Chemical Hazards

Clay E. Easterly

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 5 / Number 2 / March 1984 / Pages 233-239


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Several different categories of hazards will be associated with normal operation of a future fusion power station. These hazards include radiation, chemicals, radio-frequency electric fields, magnetic fields, mechanical failures, electrical shock, and other more traditional sources of on-the-job accidents. When compared with potential radiological hazards, it is apparent that nonradiological hazards associated with fusion power stations are poorly characterized, For many hazards, specific exposure conditions are unknown as a consequence of the technology's infancy. On the other hand, general exposure/effect information is not available for some potentially hazardous agents that are projected to be used in future fusion power stations.

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