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Toroidal Equilibrium Equipped with Dipole Divertor

Osami Okada

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 33 / Number 2 / March 1998 / Pages 130-135


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A new type of divertor, a dipole divertor, is described. The dipole divertor is composed of a line dipole and is characterized by a simple configuration and the realization of a double-null separatrix with a small distortion on the equilibrium magnetic surface shape. Various configurations, including a conventional divertor, can also be realized with the basic two current hoops by changing current direction and magnitude. Higher-order multipole divertors such as the quadrupole divertor are also formed by four or more coils. A divertor magnetic field can be further localized in the higher-order multipoles. A possible stabilizing effect through curvature of the field line is discussed.

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