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Threshold Reaction Cross Sections of Nickel Isotopes, Averaged Over a 235U Fission Neutron Spectrum

M. A. Arribére, S. Ribeiro Guevara, P. M. Suárez, A. J. Kestelman

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 139 / Number 1 / September 2001 / Pages 24-32


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We have measured, for nickel isotopes, several threshold reaction cross sections averaged over a 235U fission neutron spectrum. The measured reactions, and corresponding averaged cross sections found, are the following: 60Ni(n,p)60mCo, 1.499 ± 0.083 mb; 61Ni(n,p)61Co, 1.632 ± 0.096 mb; 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni, 4.72 ± 0.26 b; 58Ni(n, d+np+pn)57Co, 275 ± 15 b; 58Ni(n,p)58gCo, 74.8 ± 2.3 mb; and 58Ni(n,p)58mCo, 36.6 ± 1.2 mb; all referred to the well-known standard of 111 ± 3 mb for the 58Ni(n,p)58m+gCo-averaged cross section. The measured cross sections are of interest in nuclear engineering for the characterization of the fast neutron component in the energy distribution of reactor neutrons.

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